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Reasons to Have a POA
By Tony Walker
March 21, 2011

  1. Our community is among the last of its kind, one with deep water canals, the ability to install docks and lifts and accommodate vessels of large size and with large draft.  I challenge anyone to actually get a permit to install a seawall where none existed before.
  2. There may be others in the future but they will be few and they will be very expensive.  Many people do not realize just what a unique and valuable asset they have by owning property on one of these canals.
  3. Those facts make it clear that Bay Colony with its 3½ miles of seawalled deep water access is something special and is worth preserving.
  4. The big asset is the canal system but it takes an organization that legally represents the property owners to, among other things, ensure that the canals are maintained, i.e. dredging etc. when required.
  5. If the canals are allowed to deteriorate much of the value of these properties will be lost.  Our canals do deteriorate over time because of silting from storm water runoff which is the reason for the need to periodically dredge them.
  6. Another nice feature of Bay Colony is that some of the original houses are still here.  All these houses when first built beginning in the late 1950’s went on the market for around $15,000.00.  Many have been replaced over time with very substantial new houses so we have a neighborhood with a variety of styles and ages.
  7. Without a property owners association of some kind, the risk is that over time what makes Bay Colony special and valuable to its property owners and future property owners will erode.  What a shame - what a financial loss down the road.
  8. Come on folks, let’s get involved and maintain and, better yet, increase the value of these wonderful properties.  The BCPOA sponsors many events and activities for the neighborhood but the above facts provide enough reason by themselves to support it.

Bay Colony Property Owner's Association “Mission Statement”

The Bay Colony Property Owners Association mission is to safeguard the quality of life in our waterfront community, promote and advance causes that concern our property, and sponsor social and educational activities to encourage a cohesive and friendly neighborhood.

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